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The Fahrenheit-temperature-scale

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit developed his temperature-scale in 1714. One very cold winters day he declared that this must be coldest temperature that exist all over the world. And with a cooling bath he laid this as the lowest point of his scale.

Fahrenheit-temperature (Fahrenheit's definition)
lower fixed pointtemperature of a cooling bath0 °F
upper fixed pointbody temperature of a healthy person96 °F
fundamental distance96 Grad
Fahrenheit-temperature (today's definition)
lower fixed pointmelting point of water32 °F
upper fixed pointboiling point of water at normal pressure212 °F
fundamental distance180 Grad

The Fahrenheit-scale was used in Europe for a long time, as it was superseded from the Celsius-scale in the 19th century. In modern times it is used only in the United States.

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit source: daviddarling.info

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was born on the 24th May 1686, according to the Gregorian calendar, in Danzig. Danzig at this time was a free city under Polish sovereignty. He was from a shopkeepers family.

Because of the early death of his parents this stopped him from studying medicine, instead he studied merchandising in Amsterdam. At the end of his studying he busied himself with the measuring of temperature. Some sources say that Fahrenheit was the first to produce a working thermometer. In 1714 he moved finally to Amsterdam where he taught and worked as a instrument maker. He had contact to prominent scientists of this time and in 1724 was made a member of the London Royal Society.

Fahrenheit became poor from not been able to sell his inventions. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit died according to the Gregorain calendar on the 16th September 1736 at the age of 50 on a trip to The Hague.