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temperature sensitivity

As mentioned before, the temperature sensitivity by a person is not very reliable and very different by person to person. Especially when you are outside, in addition to the temperature there are meteorological factors that also have to considered.


The wind is the most crucial factor, the temperature sensitivity does not match the actual temperature of the air. Everyone knows the feeling of leaving the water and just a little wind makes them shiver. Also everyone knows the cooling headwind and in former times the kings and other dignitaries were cooled by a fanning movement.


High humidity makes it even harder to endure high temperatures. In the sauna it is possible to survive more than 200 °F, because the humidity is low. The humidity strongly influenced the felt air temperature. Think of a preparation of herbs suspended in water for vaporization on hot stones in a sauna.

level of cloud cover

When you sit in the direct sunshine, you feel the air warmer than it really is. The reason is, you expose yourself to the imminently thermal radiation of the sun.


It is common sense that the choice of your clothing always depends on your feeling how warm it is.


Also size and mass, and so the body mass index of person are important for the temperature sensitivity. Physical exertion and stress, too.

felt air temperature

Scientists try to develop a model from these things, so that the calculation of felt air temperature is possible. Calculation of felt temperature conflict with itself.

Felt air temperature indicate the amount of heat the human body loses outdoors in a given time and place.


By low temperatures the windchill-factor is a good approximation of the real temperature, because the lower the temperature is, the greater is the influence of the wind strength of the temperature sensitivity. Wind is very efficient in the removal of the body heat, pleasantly in summer, potentially very dangerous in winter. There is an empirical formula. With this you can for example determine that a wind velocity of 12 mph makes 32 °F feel like 21 °F.

heat index

The heat index gives the felt air temperature in relation to the ambient air temperature and the humidity. In a high humidity can you sweat alot. You feel an ambient air temperature of 86 °F in a humidity of 30% like 80 °F, but you feel the same temperature in the tropical rainforest like 100 °F.

the climate Michel model

The German Meteorological Service use the model of the Climate-Michel for the calculation of felt air temperature. Michel ist 35 years old, 75 kg, has 1,9 m² surface of skin and makes a stroll with adequate clothing.


The body regulates its temperature to a large extent on the blood circulation. The less heat a person has to produce and the less the person needs to sweat, the person feels well. Note the information's of the weather forecast for the felt air temperature.